Wiseback Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how Wiseback uses your personal information and data.


When you use Wiseback, we collect the following information about your use of our services from you and from various sources.

Information we collect directly from you:

Registration information: To create a survey on Wiseback, you must have a Wiseback account. To register you must enter your name, surname, password and email address. If you want to register with third-party accounts (such as your Google or Facebook account), you should consider the section titled) Information from third parties.

Billing Information: When making a payment to Wiseback, you must provide billing details such as name, address, e-mail address and financial information of the payment type you have chosen (such as credit card number, expiration date, bank account number). The billing address you provide will be the address of the account holder.

Account settings: You can make various preferences and save personal details from pages such as the account settings page.

Customer information: To easily invite people to your survey by e-mail, you can transfer the e-mail addresses of the people you invite to an Address Book and associate them with the e-mail invitation collectors. These addresses will not be used for our purposes or will not be provided to any e-mail address unless you request them.

Survey data: The survey data (questions and answers) will be stored for you.

Other data you share willingly: We may store personal information or data you submit in other contexts.
The e-mail addresses of your participants will not be shared with or misused by third parties. You can be assured that Wiseback will not send emails to respondents or people in your customer records unless you want to.

Information we collect indirectly or passively:

Usage data: When you contact our services, usage data is collected about you. Which web pages you visited, what you clicked, when you performed these actions, and so on. data may be included. In addition, many of our web servers, such as today’s web site, maintains log files; these files will save data whenever a device accesses them. Log files; source IP addresses, Internet service providers, files displayed on your site (eg, HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system versions and timestamps.

Device data: Data and devices such as your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information, and browser type are collected from the devices and applications you use to access our services. You can also learn your geographic location from your IP address.

Routing data: If you access the Wiseback website (such as links on other websites or e-mails) via an external source, we may collect information about the resource that guides you.

Information from third parties: If you allow third parties to share your information with us, we may collect personal information or data about you from those third parties. For example; If you use Wiseback to sign up and log in with your Facebook account details, your login will be verified by Facebook; we only collect information that you expressly agree to share with us about your Facebook account by allowing your Wiseback account to connect to your Facebook account.

Information about page labels: We use page tags (or web beacons) and third-party tracking services running cookies to collect aggregate and anonymous data about visitors to our website. These data include usage and user statistics. E-mails sent by Wiseback or users through our services may include page labels that allow the sender to collect information about those who open these e-mails and click on links within them. The reason we do this is to allow the email sender to measure the performance of email messages and to learn how to increase their email reach and open rates.


The information Wiseback collects can be used in various ways to optimize and improve Wiseback’s services. Wiseback may use this information for website management, security, promotional activities, research and analysis. Information is used so that users / visitors cannot identify them in person. The information collected by Wiseback’s services can only be used by users who have access to their Wiseback account passwords and user names. No information will be disclosed to the public. All information in the Wiseback account can be exported as Microsoft Excel format.


Cookies are small data files that we store on the device you use to access our services so we can always identify users. The duration of all cookies expires after a certain time depending on our use. Cookies are used for several reasons:

To make our site easier to use: If you use the hatırla Remember me için feature to speed up access to your account, we can store your username in a cookie.

Security reasons: We use cookies to verify your identity (or, for example, to see if your session is still open in Wiseback).

To provide you with personalized content: We may store user preferences, such as the default language, in cookies to personalize the content you’re viewing. We also use cookies to ensure that users who have already completed a survey do not respond to that survey again.

To improve our services: We use cookies to measure your use of our website, follow up routing data, and sometimes show you different content versions. This information will help us improve and improve our services and optimize the content we show to users.

Google Analytics: We’ve added certain Google Analytics features to our Web sites and other services that support Display Ad, including re-targeting, in addition to the above. Visitors to our website can use Google Ad Preferences Manager to reverse certain Google Analytics tracking features, customize Google Display Network ads, and view detailed information about how Google serves by displaying the Customer Ads Help Center page. If you don’t want to join Google Analyticssinizs, you can also download the Google Analytics opt-out browser plug-in.


All information received in order to benefit from the services provided by Wiseback is protected in accordance with our obligations under the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK). Wiseback takes reasonable technical and administrative measures to protect the information stored in its database and takes due care. The personal data obtained in this context will be processed in accordance with the general principles of the KVKK and in the conditions prescribed. Personal data and service areas have some rights under Article 11 of the KVKK. In this context, contacting Wiseback to learn whether your personal data is: a) processed, b) requesting information if it is processed, c) learning whether it is used for the purpose and purpose of processing, d) knowing the 3rd parties in which it is transferred in the country / abroad, d) missing / (e) requesting that it be deleted / destroyed under the conditions set forth in Article 7 of the KVKK, f) requesting the notification of the transactions made in accordance with the above mentioned paragraphs (d) and (e), g) with automatic systems only; You have the right to demand that the loss be compensated if you incur loss due to unlawful processing of the result to be filed against you.

Wiseback provides limited access to information to employees who need access to relevant information within their business.

Wiseback accounts are secured by a user-generated password. Reasonable measures are taken to ensure that the account information is kept confidential, but it is under the responsibility of the Wiseback account holder to keep this password confidential and to change it periodically.

All data processing between Wiseback users and the Wiseback infrastructure will be encrypted using SSL technology. In spite of these efforts, it should be kept in mind that due to the nature of the Internet environment, it cannot be fully ensured; Wiseback makes no warranty. Unauthorized access or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors may compromise the security of the information at any time. Wiseback does not accept the obligation to use or disclose information.


Wiseback does not cause users / visitors to share, sell, or share their personal information with others or to non-affiliated companies (eg, for direct marketing purposes).

However, Wiseback may share non-personal aggregate information with third parties. For example, Wiseback may share a collective overview of the number of feedback items displayed to partners or the number of feedback surveys.

Wiseback shares personal information with the companies providing the services (such as providing information processing or customer service), taking into account the obligations of the KVKK. These service providers are obliged to protect this information.

Your personal data may be shared with public institutions and organizations authorized to request personal data in order for Wiseback to fulfill its obligations under law (where there is an obligation to fight crime and provide information such as the threat of public and public security).

Wiseback may share information with third parties if it agrees that a reasonable disclosure is required in cases where it is authorized under the KVKK in order to fulfill its terms and conditions or to ensure the security of the transaction or the user.


We may change this privacy policy at any time; however, we will notify you by posting the changes on the website. We may notify you of any such changes, in some important cases, by email or by other noteworthy methods reasonably designed to notify you, as appropriate, with additional notices. You are expressly permitted to make changes to our privacy policy if you continue to use our services after your notice period, provided that you are notified of these changes. If you do not agree to the terms of this privacy policy or an updated privacy policy (if any), you have the right to close your account at any time, or to refuse to respond to surveys.