True Omni-channel

The perfect platform for measuring and collecting data in an omni-channel structure.

Physical or digital channel, all channels meet in one place.

Architecture developed for email, sms, kiosk, web, mobile app, social media, QR code and more.


The perfect experience

It is designed for a seamless user experience from end to end.

Creating a survey is simple with the drag-and-drop survey builder.

Responsive form interfaces give the best view on all devices.

End-to-end management

Ready-to-use cloud service without the hassle of installation and maintenance.

Manage all flows with multi-user structure and user authorization.

Manage end-to-end customer / employee experiences with management screens.

Integration and automation

Open to bidirectional integration at every point with API services.

We optimize your resources with automatic transactions triggered based on rule and action.

We eliminate manual processes with notifications, alarms and automatic report distribution.

Powered with AI

Artificial intelligence service trained with machine learning (ML) analyzes your data instantly.

The service currently has sentiment analysis of open-ended responses and automatic tagging features.

The service, which is trained with real comments, works with an accuracy of 92% in Turkish and 96% in English.

Real-time Reporting and Business Intelligence

Wiseback offers an advanced and real-time reporting system.

We offer a comprehensive dynamic reporting system without the need for a BI tool.

Create your analysis with personalized report screens.

The reports you want are automatically delivered in daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly and annual periods.

Security First

Wiseback servers provide services in data centers that comply with international security standards.

Security measures that start in the code base extend to the most extreme layers.

With Turkey servers and on-premise options, we store all your data in accordance with KVKK and GDPR.

Our ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certified systems comply with international standards.