Collect data from every channel

Collect fast and instant data on all channels for all your research.

Create segments and send your surveys via e-mail, sms.

Collect data on tablets and kiosk devices for your field research.

Do research over phone calls and social media channels.

Metrics that you need

Measure participants' attitudes towards a topic with metrics suitable for the Likert scale.

Perform all your consumer research with Net Promoter (NPS), customer satisfaction index CSAT, customer effort score CES and happiness  rate metrics.



Responsive Form Design

Create the forms you need in minutes with the Wiseback drag-and-drop form builder.

Add the metrics, open-ended and closed-ended questions you want to measure on your form.

Create logical flows that organize the form flow based on given answers.

Get rid of boring survey interfaces with emoji and visuals. Customize the design to suit the corporate identity of your business.

Add language translations to your form, set re-participation rules.

You can optimize your mobile and desktop compatible forms for tablet and kiosk screens in kiosk mode.

Integration and automation

The Wiseback Platform offers bidirectional integration with the API services it offers.

For your research, we instantly transfer data from different platforms.

Create transaction-based and rule-based automatically triggered personalized surveys.

Text Analytics with AI

Our AI service trained with machine learning and automatically performs text analytics.

Sentiment analysis of open-ended responses is done and keywords are automatically added to the tags.

The service, which is trained with real comments, works with an accuracy of 92% in Turkish and 96% in English.

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Wiseback offers an advanced and instant reporting system.

You can instantly view the reports specific to you that you need.

Create your analysis with personalized report screens.

The reports you want are automatically delivered in daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly and yearly periods.

Your Data is in safe hands

Wiseback offers cloud-based services through local and international servers.

With Turkey servers and on-premise options, we store all your data in accordance with KVKK and GDPR.

Our ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certified systems offer a platform that complies with international standards.