How to increase customer feedbacks?


You can only get comments that will add value to your business by collecting customer feedbacks. You can get critical information from your customers to help you improve your product or service. Many studies show that customers are not willing to leave feedback. Customers need motivation to leave feedback.

How can you motivate your customers? Here are 4 different suggestions;

1- Contact

Welcome your customers who visit your business with a warm welcome message. Tell them that you are ready to help. Tell them that it is very valuable for you to have their feedbacks on every step of their experiences. Ask them to take part in your survey.

2- Give Gift / Discount Coupons

You can thank your customers who take their valuable time to leave feedback with a gift / discount coupon. Wiseback allows you to create coupons and link these coupons to your feedback forms. You can create a general coupon code or unique coupon codes in seconds and link them to the survey you want.

Make sure that you highlight the gift or discount coupon you offer in the survey referral messages.

3- Offer Cross Goodness

Gift / discount coupons can be perceived as bribes by some customers. Then give them the opportunity to do a favor for customer motivation. Announce that you will make a donation on behalf of your customers who leave feedback. You can donate to a charity for every feedback left, or plant a sapling for each feedback. Choose a cross-favor method that suits the audience you are addressing. When this method is set up correctly, it will be very effective in terms of customer motivation and brand perception.

4- Thank You

After shopping, send a message such as ‘Thank you for choosing us’ or a similar message to your customer by e-mail or sms. Be sure to include a survey link that will allow them to share any comments and suggestions in the message. Organize these messages to appeal to them by name, if possible.

About Wiseback

Wiseback offers a cloud-based service that allows you to collect feedback for your business. With Wiseback, you can easily create your feedback form online and publish it immediately via QR code, email, tablet / kiosk, sms or your website. You can measure NPS and happiness rate instantly.

Meet Wiseback now, manage the customer experiences wisely.