Have you measured your NPS (Net Promoter Score ®)?


Almost all of the companies on the Fortune 500 list actively use NPS® (Net Promoter Score). NPS is a measurement method that can shed light on the future of your business.
This method was developed by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company and Satmetrix Systems. NPS® is considered the customer loyalty metric. The system was introduced for the first time by Reichheld in the article “One Number You Need To Grow” published in Harvard Business Review in 2003.

NPS divides your customers into 3 groups. The first group is promoters. This group consists of people who recommend you to your environment. The second group, passives, passive and ineffective, is considered to have no positive or negative effect on you. The third group, the detractors, is the group that speaks against you and makes you worse.

All you need is one question

The Net Promoter Score® method allows you to get feedback from your customers on one final question and create your NPS® score. Moreover, in minutes and without any complicated technical details.

You ask your customers a single key question for NPS measurement;Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

As the answer to the question, you want a score between 0 and 10. Those who give you 9–10 are your promoters who recommend you, 7–8 are passive groups, and those who give 0–6 are the ones that are speaking against you, which are speaking against you.


In the calculation, passives from these three groups are not taken into account. The other two groups are rated as (+) and (-), resulting in a score between -100 and +100%. This score represents your business’s NPS®, or recommendation score.

Why is NPS® important?

There is a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and NPS. With NPS®, you can easily measure and compare customer satisfaction. You can compare your NPS score periodically and evaluate the progress of your business.

Today, NPS® is widely used in all sectors that touch the end consumer. The secret of sustainable success for a business is hidden in high NPS® score.

Add NPS question to your survey

You can easily add the NPS question to your survey on the Wiseback form creation screen. It will be enough to add the NPS, which is included in the form elements, to your survey.

If there are NPS® questions in your surveys, your NPS score will be calculated automatically and appear on the report screens. You can note that the help text section should give a score of 0–10 with the sentences you want.

Where can NPS® be used?

You can use the NPS method for your brand in general, or you can create sub-breaks in your business. For example, a retail chain store can measure NPS on a store basis or as a web / store .

A company on the market with different products can measure NPS on a product basis. In this case, the brand and the name of the product are included in the NPS question. The brand’s product-based NPS scores and an overall NPS score are formed.

In a training company, separate NPS measurements can be used for trainers and trainings.

eNPS for Employee Experience

So, do your employees recommend your company as a workplace? You can adapt the NPS question to your employees and measure eNPS (employee NPS).
Your question ‘How likely are you to recommend this company to those you know as a place to work? “Will be sufficient to revis